What is starch modified?

Modified starch is one of the most widely used E-E, having the E1422 number.

It is a food additive as agglomerating agent, thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier and
 carrier substance for other additives.
It is a so-called "modified starch", a starch subjected to a particular chemical
 process whose purpose is to improve and adapt its properties to certain requirements,
 such as: increasing stability at very high or very low temperatures in acidic or alkaline 
media , lengthening or shortening coagulation or gelling time, cold coagulation ability, 
texture modification, etc.
 Modified starch has a greater ability to absorb water, partially substitute fats, 
form emulsions, and is used in milk, meat, eggs, fats, cereals, confectionery, bakery, 
pastry, canned fruits, vegetables, fish, sauces, spices, soups, creams, puddings, various 
desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

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