Romania, the penultimate in the EU on the purchasing power standard

Life standards can be compared by referring to the price of a package of goods and services to each country’s income by using a common notion coin called purchasing power standard (SPC). By comparing the GDP per capita expressed in the SPC, we get an overview of the EU’s living standards.

GDP per capita in SPC
Country GDP per capita in SPC
Bulgaria 47
Romania 55
Croatia 59
Latvia 64
Hungary 68
Poland 68
Greece 73
Lithuania 75
Estonia 76
Slovakia 77
Portugal 78
Cyprus 82
Slovenia 83
Malta 84
Czech Republic 85
Spain 91
Italy 96
France 107
United Kingdom 109
Finland 110
Belgium 119
Sweden 123
Germany 124
Denmark 125
Austria 130
The Netherlands 131
Ireland 134
Luxembourg 266
The EU strives to improve living standards by protecting the environment, encouraging job creation, reducing existing disparities at regional level and connecting isolated regions through the development of cross-border infrastructure.

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