Commission Work Program for 2019: Meeting promises and preparing for the future.

The European Commission has presented the work program for 2019, which sets out three main priorities for this year: reaching a swift agreement on the legislative proposals already put forward to meet its ten political priorities; adopting a limited number of new initiatives to tackle unresolved challenges and putting forward several initiatives for a European Union of 27 Member States to strengthen the foundations of a strong, united and sovereign Europe.


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The 2019 work program focuses only on 15 new initiatives and 10 new REFIT evaluations to review existing legislation and ensure that it is still appropriate for the purpose. In order to ensure its focus on implementation, the Commission’s work program also lists the 45 priority proposals on the agenda of the college debate, which are the subject of the Joint Declaration on legislative priorities and which have to be adopted by Parliament and the Council before the European elections. The Commission also suggests withdrawing or repealing 17 existing proposals or laws on the colleague’s agenda.

Fulfilling the commitments made to Europeans

The Commission has already presented all the legislative proposals needed to meet the ten priorities of the Juncker Commission. Together with the European Parliament and the Council, we have so far reached an agreement on about half of these proposals and another 20% of them are at an advanced stage in the legislative process. Our priority for the coming year is to approve as many of the proposals as possible.

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